About Layoutfour

Layoutfour is a award winning multidisciplinary group of friends for architecture and Design, founded in 2013 and based in the north of Portugal.

Layoutfour is synonymous with art, effort, struggle and perseverance. is a space devoted to the enjoyment of architecture and design.

Layoufour is a team formed by young professionals that is dedicated to the study and development of project architecture and design. 4 architects who wish to make known our taste for art and our work and try to contribute something more to the general artistic knowledge.

Our work aims to promote a dynamic, attractive and with a strong three-dimensional character architecture and Design that combines the excellence in design quality with the best prices.


- Professionalism; 
- Quality 
- Creativity 
- Innovation 

- Personality


1. architecture 

- Architectural Studies
Architectural Projects
- Triimensional Modeling 
- Photorealism 
- Rehabilitation 
- Conservation and Restoration 
- Consulting 
- Mobility and Accessibility 

2. Design 

- Furniture Design 
- Interior Design
- Logos 

- Corporate image

3. Urbanism 

- Urban Design 
Detail Plans 
- Mobility and Accessibility 

- Urban Renovation

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