quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016

Concurso temático: Duas Casas nas Ilhas Selvagens, Madeira

Ilha Grande - Planta

Ilha Grande - Planta Cobertura

Ilha Grande - Alçado Posterior

Ilha Grande - Alçado Principal

Ilha Grande - Alçado Lat Esq

Ilha Grande - Alçado Lat Dir

Ilha Grande - Axonometria
Ilha Grande - Planta Axonometria

Ilha Grande - Fotomontagem Implantação

Ilha Grande - Fotomontagem

Ilha Pequena - Planta

Ilha Pequena - Planta de Cobertura

Ilha Pequena - Alçado Lat Dir

Ilha Pequena - Alçado Posterior

Ilha Pequena - Alçado Principal

Ilha Pequena - Alçado Lat Esq

Ilha Pequena - Corte 1

Ilha Pequena - Corte 2

Ilha Pequena - Axonometria

Ilha Pequena - Planta Axonometria
Ilha Pequena - Fotomontagem 1

Ilha Pequena - Fotomontagem 2

Ilha Pequena - Fotomontagem 3

Ilha Pequena - Fotomontagem 4

quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Extension between the Alvar Aalto Museum and Museum of Central Finland by Layoutfour


-          Looking for its own identity, the proposal is based on the general framework of the surroundings and their own importance. There is a double intentionality, in the insertion of the element, between the two museums and its historical and cultural importance, inherent in their origin and functionality in and for the country.

-          Starting from the irregular nature of land analysis, the intervention in this plot of land, with residual characteristics, while following the modernism present in buildings of reference, the proposal is presented as a  connecting point, while taking formal rupture that requires composing assumptions for the projection of the focus in space.

-          The conceptual autonomy proposal intend to connect two buildings through a dichotomy directions where it focuses on the essence, not only a connecting point or a mere extension, but an own identity creation of an area endowed with an important and formal independence.

-          The architectural language that the proposal has, focuses on the interconnection between the indoor and outdoor space. Transparency and intense relationship with the environment can create strong communication links between the built object and the space.
Site Plan / Roof Plan


-          The contemporaneity of the proposed project aims to use materials such as glass, concrete and metal elements, looking for the desired structural lightness in order to build their own identity ever abandoning his nature and functionality inherent orientation of premises and creating the building, as well as, the intimate relation with the exterior.

-          At the organizational level circulations seek the interrelationship between the two museums, creating guidance line, an identification point which is located over two floors.

-          On the ground floor we can find one area of 193.26 square meters of storage space, which may be shared between the two museums, that can be further subdivided, and provides access to the upper floor (public area), by means of the service lift,  as far as, the access to exterior. outdoor areas and the linking between the first floor of Alvar Aalto Museum.

-           In the proposal superior floor, with connection to the two museums,  we find exterior areas,  destined to Museums Store, areas ofcirculation, storage, living space, a lift module and a service sanitary facilities. Up this whole area presents  and is characterised by excellent transparency and brightness, which crosses the entire space trought de large window with external views. It is however worth noting, the concerning with accessibility, without architectural barrier,  promoting free movement spaces

Ground Floor

First Floor

André Terleira, Architect
Artur Dionísio, Architect
Hélder Rodrigues, Architect
Paulo Gomes, Architect

quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Easyline By Layoutfour in collaboration with Rusticasa - Presentaion Video

Line of Prefab houses created by Layoutfour team of architects in collaboration with Rusticasa - Wooden constructions.

If you want to know more feel free to contact us without commitment.

Architect André Terleira
Architect Artur Dionísio
Architect Hélder Rodrigues
Architect Paulo Gomes
Rusticasa - Construções em madeira



quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015

Resort Lagoa do Quitundo - Angola by Layoutfour

Architects: André Terleira, Hélder Rodrigues, Artur Dionísio e Paulo Gomes

Studio: Layoutfour

Name of the project: Lagoa de Quitundo Resort in Angola

Project description: 

The Project Lagoa de Quitundo Resort  in Angola is the Layoutfour response to a design and architecture competition promoted by Archiproposals and Sketch in the framework of a Project for a resort / center of sports training, in order to generate new architectural ideas as it is proposed to boost the development of local tourism.
The project seeks a simple and contemporary architectural language with the least impact possible on the ground, responding to functional multilicity of the Resort and allowing the independent operation of all its components.
The materials used in the buildings were based on the use of local and  sustainable materials, for their character and  for its natural beauty. The concrete for the simplicity and speed of construction.
The entire complex is composed of: Center of sports training, hotel and housing units.
The project was awarded with 3rd place (2nd honorable mention) in the competition, in the 27th of march 2015.

Blog: layoutfour.blogspot.pt/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Layoutfour

Twitter: twitter.com/Layoutfour

Vimeo: vimeo.com/layoutfour

Competition page: www.archiproposals.com

Panel 1

Panel 2

Resort Pool View

 Resort Lobby 

 Habitational Units View 1

 Habitational Units View 2

Habitational Units View 3

Resort Pool View

quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

Dual By Layoutfour

Created by Layoutfour Dual line is presented as a new proposal in the framework of the furniture design. The project consists of two pieces, Dual Table and Dual Chair. Dual fits perfectly in the field of reflection / introspection, in search of internalization, contemplation and enjoyment of the surroundings, as well as connected to the world of work. 

Contemporary and intimate, the proposal is part of the dichotomy imposed in the era of innovation which imposes the luxury and design. Wanted the exception, the vanguard and the icon. Living space without restrictions and with a multiplicity of options through multifaceted capacity that this furniture can offer. 

The adopted lines focus on the intense demand for innovation and refinement. Seeks to convey the luxurious finishing line in two unique pieces of sculptural nature that will never go unnoticed in any space. The audience focuses on adult, active person and seeking differentiation of two pieces that will inspire both for work and for rest, enjoyment of music, literature or even reflection. Perfect adaptation to space, time and the human body, where ergonomics can not be forgotten and need to be respected. in search of comfort the shape respects the function. 

The proposal uses as raw material and lead constructive argument wood and its derivatives never forgetting the feasibility of the proposal.