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Resort Lagoa do Quitundo - Angola by Layoutfour

Architects: André Terleira, Hélder Rodrigues, Artur Dionísio e Paulo Gomes

Studio: Layoutfour

Name of the project: Lagoa de Quitundo Resort in Angola

Project description: 

The Project Lagoa de Quitundo Resort  in Angola is the Layoutfour response to a design and architecture competition promoted by Archiproposals and Sketch in the framework of a Project for a resort / center of sports training, in order to generate new architectural ideas as it is proposed to boost the development of local tourism.
The project seeks a simple and contemporary architectural language with the least impact possible on the ground, responding to functional multilicity of the Resort and allowing the independent operation of all its components.
The materials used in the buildings were based on the use of local and  sustainable materials, for their character and  for its natural beauty. The concrete for the simplicity and speed of construction.
The entire complex is composed of: Center of sports training, hotel and housing units.
The project was awarded with 3rd place (2nd honorable mention) in the competition, in the 27th of march 2015.

Blog: layoutfour.blogspot.pt/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Layoutfour

Twitter: twitter.com/Layoutfour

Vimeo: vimeo.com/layoutfour

Competition page: www.archiproposals.com

Panel 1

Panel 2

Resort Pool View

 Resort Lobby 

 Habitational Units View 1

 Habitational Units View 2

Habitational Units View 3

Resort Pool View

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