quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

Dual By Layoutfour

Created by Layoutfour Dual line is presented as a new proposal in the framework of the furniture design. The project consists of two pieces, Dual Table and Dual Chair. Dual fits perfectly in the field of reflection / introspection, in search of internalization, contemplation and enjoyment of the surroundings, as well as connected to the world of work. 

Contemporary and intimate, the proposal is part of the dichotomy imposed in the era of innovation which imposes the luxury and design. Wanted the exception, the vanguard and the icon. Living space without restrictions and with a multiplicity of options through multifaceted capacity that this furniture can offer. 

The adopted lines focus on the intense demand for innovation and refinement. Seeks to convey the luxurious finishing line in two unique pieces of sculptural nature that will never go unnoticed in any space. The audience focuses on adult, active person and seeking differentiation of two pieces that will inspire both for work and for rest, enjoyment of music, literature or even reflection. Perfect adaptation to space, time and the human body, where ergonomics can not be forgotten and need to be respected. in search of comfort the shape respects the function. 

The proposal uses as raw material and lead constructive argument wood and its derivatives never forgetting the feasibility of the proposal.

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